St.Pius X High School follows CCE Method of teaching and learning process.

We believe that education should aim at the all round development of the child so that he/she may be able to contribute his/her mite to the building up of a just, loving and peaceful society based on liberty, fraternity and equality. To this end we have introduced novel and creative ideas of imparting the curriculum to keep the learner curious and interested, and at the same time develop life skills and desirable character traits to prepare him/her for the future. In the past few years the teaching-learning process has shifted from passive to active, experiential learning.

The teaching methodology is child-centered, focusing on character formation and equipping children to meet the needs of the society. It is experimental backed by the use of audio-visual aids. The methodology varies from subject to subject and topic to topic. There is something for every child as we keep in mind the differences based on behavioural traits, interest and aptitudes. We also keep experimenting on different methods to replace the old ones with more effective ones. Audiovisuals are put to maximum use and the use of videos, CDs, Internet and soon have made learning more interesting. Learning by doing and teamwork in small groups has made learning interactive and effective. Though the methodology varies from subject to subject its focus is child-centeredness. The evaluation tools have been modified to test the intellectual and aesthetic abilities and behavioural traits of the learners. It is a continuous process aimed at encouraging students to do their best at all times.