St.Pius X High School English Medium belong to the Congregation of "Catechist Sisters of St.Ann". It was established in 1959, under the inspiration and guidance of His Grace Late Archbishop of Hyderabad, Mark Gopu.

The school began with a strength of 350 students. The period between 1959-1969 was marked with difficult challenge. Our former mother generals: Sr.Enrichetta and Sr.Celestina, had to face the brunt of this difficult period and they did it with courage and strength and deep faith in God.

From its humble beginning in 1959, the school has grown to the present status a strength of 4500 students and 120 well qualified dedicated teachers. It is a matter of great pride to roll back and see thousands of students who passed the portal of this institution successfully with academic excellence and character and are well placed all over the globe. Nothing great is achieved without sacrifice. The school has accomplished a special status in the field of education due to the committed and selfless service of Principals and Staff, and the co-operation and goodwill of the parents and wellwishers down the years.

Our institution continues with undiminished fervor to give preference to quality education coupled with values. We realize that the most important goal of our Institution is to educate and form the students to be useful and responsible citizens of our nation and to enable them to live a peaceful, harmonious, purposeful and meaningful life: To materialize this we give more stress in academic studies, moral education; discipline , punctuality, regular attendance and correct and neat uniform. And new avenues are opened up to broaden the scholarly aptitudes of students.

Behind all our efforts and toils, successes and achievements, we recognize the encouraging and inspiring presence of God Almighty who has been guiding us, shaping us, protecting us and showering His blessings upon us abundantly all through these years. And we believe that He will continue showering His blessings upon us and strengthening us to be the torch bearers in the field of education and formation of our students.

"Great are the works of the Lord. His thoughts are deep, studied by all who delight in them."