Vision & Mission


To promote education in general in accordance with Christian ideals and national goals through our educational institution. Quality excellence in education is our prime motto to establish a good relationship between the learner, teacher, parents, principal and new teaching technologies. Developing a practical curriculum with integrating life skills as social attitudes, basic knowledge and practical skills to enable learners to acquire meaningful learning for life. Investing in new age teaching materials, integrating technology like Smart Class Rooms, Language Labs, watching educational videos and documentaries. Our students are well placed globally with habits and thought process to build a better India and the World.


Our commitment leads to serve the people. Our founder Fr.Pasquali and our Patroness Saint Ann (CSA) promoted the social belonging and value affirmation, interventions to achieve the goal. Our mission is to bring the excellence of international standards within the reach of every individual student. Building identity and self-relevance in students leads to internalizing of learning and cultivation of grit and perseverance.