General Rules


Imparting knowledge and instilling discipline for good behaviour are the twin goals of our institution. Hence the school expects every student to obey its rules and regulations.

A. Discipline and Punctuality

All students should be punctual. They are expected to be in their class immediately after the first bell 8-40 am. The school gate will be closed at 8.50 am

Students who come late will not be admitted to class without permission from the Principal. The late comers will be marked absent for half day. Habitual late comers will be sent home.

The full and clean school uniform must be worn all days. Speaking in English is compulsory for all students.

Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building are never allowed.

The school is not responsible for the personal belongings such as money, ornaments etc.

B. Attendance

The student must attend the school daily, parents should not request that their children should leave before the school time.

No leave of absence will be granted except for serious reasons. The absentees will not be admitted to the class unless an application for leave is entered in the diary and parent should show it to the respective class teacher after principal’s Signature.

No half a day leave is granted. If a student is absent for 15 days without any permission, his or her name will be removed from the rolls without any warning.

C. Use of English

The Student must communicate in English at all times except in language classes in the school premises.